Good Bye - Not an artist or musician, but a farewell phrase

(this image is HUGE, you can print it out and put it on your wall to remember always)


It was fun,
it was great,
killin time,
love or hate.

Readin posts,
chillin sky,
jammin heavy,
gettin high.

Now its time,
Im all out,
cant go on,
infinite pout.

What started as jest,
won't finish the same,
a dignified sheild,
to all that is lame.

Keeping character of,
the whimsies of fling,
retired to earth,
resting as king.

Hope it was fun,
laughable at least,
this poem for y'all,
an emotional beast.

Please keep calm,
best carry on,
keepin it real,
work that jawn.

Its been a blast--but this breeding ground for ideas, entertainment, and all around awesomeness has gone celibate. I guess the url will stay active so it can still function as an archive. Hope everyone can deal with a post-ruby world, won't be that hard, move on to someone that knows what they're talking about.

SIT-DOWN.TUMBLR.COM is where its at


Dream Boat - imissu (video)

One of the best tracks I have heard yet from Dream Boat comes off their soon to be released record Widow on AMDISCS and is accompanied with a visual interpretation. Imissu is bound by spatial claps and backed by sonic bass drops, propelling this tracks momentum into a uniquely altered verse recital that is kindly mapped out in the video through a karaoke-style captioned lyrics.

You can pre-order Widow on clear vinyl here

You can help KickStart Dream Boat's next video for the single Widow in collaboration with film studio Wooden Lense here

LA Vampires Goes Ital - Streetwise (video)

god this rules


Both Hermetic - Assorted Releases

For the past few weeks I have been in contact with Russian musician Both Hermetic; whose music ranges from a beginning of neo-western folk ballads to a harsher end of noise grunge chants -- all recorded to the aesthetic of beloved lo-fi acts along the lines of Shadow Ring, Sun City Girls, The Residents, and a bit of Beat Happening's minimal twee-noir feel. The over all energy of these recordings vibes on a very bohemian/outcasted point-of-view, a monumental purpose I am sure for why these tracks exists in the first place. His work has been talked about on VICE and he has also been featured in an independent Russian documentary focused on the country's evolving experimental music culture.

And rightfully so, I am particularly attracted to Hermetic's execution of a genre that lies heavily on a supportive platform of the authentic, self-interpreted ephemeral qualities of his lifestyle, which seem quite valid given the taboo of oppressive nature in Russian culture.

Releases (links as D/L's):

Rough and raw, cassette released in conjunction with Hobo Cult Records.

destroyed garbage chronicles with no endings

punk thrashing on a new wave of a bootlegged low life


Southern Nights - Peninsula Music (Mixtape 2011)

To express how much I love this follow up release to Southern Nights debut 2010 Mixtape would be impossible, like google searching "a metaphor for something difficult". Combining the perks of a knocked up DJ set with the waggish attachments of the self-identifiable 'purp-wave', Peninsula Music touches upon your aesthetic love for indigenous nature specials, club bangers, and Donkey Kong with content-heavy tracks rolling seamlessly into your heart. Cannot get over how good this tape is, cop it or die.

Eola - Deo Gracias / Panic

Deo Gracias is a new release by Edwin White of party-outfit Tonstartssbandht. Delving deep into a balancing act between harmonized gospel pop and the all-purpose glory of psych rock, this release challenges our contemporary assumptions of what music is/means/does-are.

You can eventually cop the cassette @ The Curatorial Club


Check out the video for his cover of Panic (The Smiths) that I helped out with 'on set'



Hype Williams .1. Untitled (Intro)
XO Kid .2. Fake Tan
Eric Copeland .3. Land of Foot
Rockwell .4. Aria
Jonwayne .5. Andrew
Grimes .6. Crystal Ball
The Maserati Millions .7. Look Out For Cop
Tyler the Creator .8. She (ft. Frank Ocean)
Pure X .9. You're In It Now
Dream Boat .10. imissu
Time Wharp .11. Dadark_Softfang (ft. Mickey Mickey Rourke)
Coors Light .12. Eating Pizza
Makeout Videotape .13. Exercising With My Demons
Tonstartssbandht .14. Monorail
Clams Casino .15. I'm Official
Track Botanical .16. El Sur (mp remix throwback)
Gobby .17. Did It On Em remix
Southern Nights .18. Grass or Gasoline
J|||||M .19. TRACERS
Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr. .20. Zones Without Time Part. 1

nobody is me


XO Kid - The Slump

XO Kid treats us to his 'first' full length; filled with sway-inducing sugargazing rock popsicles. A dip into the pool of alternative 90s aesthetic, stirred with faint electronic pop, then charged with some serious lyrical angst. A great listen from opening track 'Fake Tan' (a personal favorite) to the Fleetwood-ish closer, '2 Hits'. Bonus tracks offer results of too much swag.

Coors Light - Mom and Dad Making Out

Coors Light has parred down. Raphael Cohen, a friend and once-possibly-still contributer to this blog, is the artist behind this bedroom project. Featuring a mixture of newly written tracks and newly remastered oldies, this release is the most friendly recording we have seen from the project yet. Taking inspiration from a lifestyle now encased in a smoked capsule, Mom and Dad challenges the common pop structure and offers a new way to share. 'Eating Pizza', the closing track, certainly suggests a more involved writing and recording process with its nostalgic sampling and minute extension from the 420 comfort zone. I like chillin with my friends and eating pizza when I can.

You can also cop a hand silkscreened CD package @ his bandcamp, which includes a liner notes booklet -- it looks real pretty

Branches - Branches EP

Branches is some downer rock coming out of the last weeks my friends and I spent in the loveliness that is Providence, RI. Two homies decided to come together and share their despaired outlook on life with some seriously incredible downer riffs, looping guitars together for a better chance at sanctity. Here we find some progressive, possibly post-metal sounding jams. This EP is recorded so well it doesn't even matter how you define it, shit just sounds beautiful.

You may be able to cop one of their cassettes (handmade/original artwork) through email, they look great.

Andy Boay - Born To Fully

Andy Boay is the side thang of bandht-brother Andy White, whose interests in recording this tape have brought him to a round of epic stadium rock cuts. The presence of this one is strong and most definitely psyched the fuck out. Implementing roaring guitar loops and reverbing battle cries, all over some kind of general foreign drone, makes this collection of tunes seem like an aged classic.

D/L @ Bandcamp

Cop the cassette @ BRUISED TONGUE