Rene - Discography

Rene, or Rene Netherlands, is an extremely prolific beat/loop project based out of Boston. His description of the creative process that powers his music goes something along the lines of "leaving the room to get coffee, then sipping the coffee, then getting another coffee when the first is finished..." I kicked off my SUMMERMIX2010 (not too late to grab, summers not over yet) playlist with one of his tracks. His compositions range from light, fluffy electronic pop hum-a-longs to noise-distorted, pitch-bent bangers-- all comprised from a seemingly endless archive of nostalgia-inducing familiarities. As Lou over at Salad Fork recently pointed out, Gabby has generously put all his music up for free download on his myspace, but since people are lazy and I know this, I have redirected the links to this here post. I have already taken great advantage of these resources, but I am seriously confused as to why no one else has. Here is your chance at redemption.

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  1. i needed ur personal faves on this one thanks scoops