Dream Boat - Mixtape & Split EP & New Track

Dream Boat has concocted a summer (As I Lay Dying) mixtape free for your distressed aural-digestive system. Go sit in your oversized Morticia Addams chair, alone and in the dark, and blast the bass.


Staring - Λ
Rattling Cage - Forest Swords
Simultaneously (Lauren Flax Remix) - MEN
See Birds - Balam Acab
Cold Lasers - Haunted Ghost
Ghostgaze - Teenage Reverb
oOchre - Dream Boat
Pass This On (Machu Picchu Remix) - The Knife
Tonight (oOoOO Remix) - The Big Pink
My Shadow (Salem Remix) - Gucci Mane


Dream Boat & Λ - Palm


Dream Boat - Hymn

This track will be featured on the upcoming release Visions on AMDiscs, exclusive sneak peak for all you fiends. Little bit of 8-bit, little smidgen of glitch-hopping, and lots of creepy hi-tone piano.

god damn, so much reporting on one topic got me feeling like I'm talking about the oil spill


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