Carl Ostendarp, Master Cylinder, Flashe on linen, 50x132 in, 1992

Carl Ostendarp, IFFFFPFP, acrylic on canvas, 35 5/8x51 1/8 in, 2007

Carl Ostendarp, Get Drunk, Polyurethane foam on jute, 48x48 in, 1990

Carl Ostendarp, Anything to Please, Epoxy on urethane foam, 3.5x54x54 in, 1992

Carl Ostendarp, All Tomorrow's Parties, Latex on wall, soundtrack by Velvet Underground (Velvert Underground and Nico Album), dimensions variable, Installation view from MMK Frankfurt, 2007

Carl Ostendarp, 1989-2007, Installation view including Philmore, latex on wall, 2007

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