***scenic vista*** -~- the double album

In honor of the late and great who inspired half of it:

 I give to you the raw & unfinished twin of Scenic Vista's SkycopThrilla, which is notably titled 'The Double Album".  It features 2 unedited compilation tracks with more undigested, unprepared Scenic Vista originals along with the covers & even a few more covers... Ramones, Modest Mouse, Charlie Horse Delta Force (pretty much hear what you hear...)

Some parts you may recognize if you have downloaded the SkycopThrilla EP like a good little boy or girl should have, if not, click on the scenic vista tag below this post and download away.


1 Skycop  (8:14)
2 Thrilla  (25:30)

And please, try to refrain from any MJ jokes while listening.   Just think about all the people he has touched over the 30+ years he has been the King of Pop, especially the children...      (i wish that were an original joke, but that's just not the case)

get it here:

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