Good Bye - Not an artist or musician, but a farewell phrase

(this image is HUGE, you can print it out and put it on your wall to remember always)


It was fun,
it was great,
killin time,
love or hate.

Readin posts,
chillin sky,
jammin heavy,
gettin high.

Now its time,
Im all out,
cant go on,
infinite pout.

What started as jest,
won't finish the same,
a dignified sheild,
to all that is lame.

Keeping character of,
the whimsies of fling,
retired to earth,
resting as king.

Hope it was fun,
laughable at least,
this poem for y'all,
an emotional beast.

Please keep calm,
best carry on,
keepin it real,
work that jawn.

Its been a blast--but this breeding ground for ideas, entertainment, and all around awesomeness has gone celibate. I guess the url will stay active so it can still function as an archive. Hope everyone can deal with a post-ruby world, won't be that hard, move on to someone that knows what they're talking about.

SIT-DOWN.TUMBLR.COM is where its at


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