Both Hermetic - Assorted Releases

For the past few weeks I have been in contact with Russian musician Both Hermetic; whose music ranges from a beginning of neo-western folk ballads to a harsher end of noise grunge chants -- all recorded to the aesthetic of beloved lo-fi acts along the lines of Shadow Ring, Sun City Girls, The Residents, and a bit of Beat Happening's minimal twee-noir feel. The over all energy of these recordings vibes on a very bohemian/outcasted point-of-view, a monumental purpose I am sure for why these tracks exists in the first place. His work has been talked about on VICE and he has also been featured in an independent Russian documentary focused on the country's evolving experimental music culture.

And rightfully so, I am particularly attracted to Hermetic's execution of a genre that lies heavily on a supportive platform of the authentic, self-interpreted ephemeral qualities of his lifestyle, which seem quite valid given the taboo of oppressive nature in Russian culture.

Releases (links as D/L's):

Rough and raw, cassette released in conjunction with Hobo Cult Records.

destroyed garbage chronicles with no endings

punk thrashing on a new wave of a bootlegged low life

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