G O D - MTWTFSS Mixtape/2 Albums

G O D has been dealin out the jams as of late. I hoarded up two more digital full-length compilations that Alex sent me, along with a brand new mixtape he just threw together. The mixtape is an extended banger that includes some seriously dope remixing; Black Dice's Kokomo being one of the more obvious and head-nodding tracks featured. A driving Prodigy-esque beat kicks this thing off and a tightly-knit group of scuffed-up midi samples ride this shit out nice 'n thorough. The mixtape is a great example of G O D focusing more on the technical application of a sample, rather than a previous theme in his releases putting the importance of the sample's content simply on the fact of it being present in a song. Shit sounds real good. Can't wait for more.


da otha shit:

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