Every presents Anachronistic Fetishism Mixtape

Anachronistic Fetishism is some more next-level shit from beat-maker/producer Every. This stuff is pretty much electronic gold; covering all the familiarities from Boards of Canada while thrown through a Brainfeeder filter with all the knobs awry, but still maintaining its own original journey and destination. This mixtape is comprised of 25 tracks ranging from drone/ambient fillers_dragged disco_dubbed-out fuck-step_and grimy MC'd inserts like J|||||M's "henson in a vicegrip", which are my more personally desired moments. Seriously the dopest. This is only a warm up for things to come, think new "LP".

Tracklist (38:53)

1. Lntro
2. sigil r
3. benzovisions (x G O D)
4. epyhype
6. twelve teen
7. sade - never good as the first time
8. get along gang
9. henson in that vicegrip (x J|||||M)
10. panic
11. amphichiral knot
13. ohio players - I want to be free
14. _,.-'`_,.-'`'-.,_
15. sade - the sweetest taboo
16. faced
17. buy U
18. (untitled) typical banger
19. slum village - raise it up
20. §¶‡N§ (x J|||||M)
21. randoze
22. nicecream
23. hearts of space
24. projection plane
25. no more ||||| (x G O D & J|||||M)

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