Lasoo and You - Crashin' & Cootin'

Hopefully the inspiration for this bedroom-produced, EP-sized release isn't too hard to pick up on. If it is than you are missing a part of your childhood that you can only reclaim if you were part of the blue Fruitloops generation. God-willing, you have been dilligent in your worldly travels to know that the word "lasoo" can be pronounced in such a way that it rhymes with the partner-of-a-pronoun "you" given for this project's name, just clearing the unneeded confusion. Backed by two darlings who have a great intuition for lyrical poetry of the modern day, this collective of roughed-up twee-bop indie-punk ditties will surely grab your street-wandering attention and put it right next to the cozy fire of nostalgic-comfort you have been longing as the nights grow colder and colder...

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  1. just perfected a piano cover of "sailor moon", that shit is so0o good