2010 WRAP UP

As new emerge, old become but cookies in the wind.

I have never taken my presence here on the Internet too seriously, hopefully all "44" of my readers know that this blog has served as a platform for the informal critique and presentation of just about anything I found to be exemplary leisure. Fuck being modest, my year end list last year was awesome. I gave everyone close to 5 GBs of my favorite music from 2009 and it was a landmark of this blog until I made a post about OFWGKTA, which is where pretty much where all my traffic now resides. This year I am NOT doing this for multiple reasons; 1) Morally, I don't feel like hooking it up for all the lazy assholes who are out to hoard as many esoteric music projects as they possibly can without giving anything back to the musicians or this virtual community 2) All the 'important' blog engines have revved, exhausting all popularized/subjective opinions onto the young minds who have been ready for molding since mid-November-- making even just one more of them seem so fucking redundant and ugly 3) Oddly enough, I focused a lot on real life issues this year (outside of interwebs) and don't really have much to call my "favorite", outside of most of my friend's tunes all I really listened to was strictly Nicki Minaj, Blink-182, and Big Boi-- just tryin to be honest.

Below, I have constructed a playlist of 25 songs that are, to me, unquestionably under-appreciated, or so fucking rad I couldn't resist including them. What I am trying to say is that MY subjective opinion needs to count for more than just a cookie in the wind. The playlist is fucking ill and I hope everyone finds at least 15-20 songs they love enough to take home and orgy with at the end of the proverbial night.

1 Speculator - Afraid of the Future
2 Southern Nights - Big Ass Boat
4 Sean Nicholas Savage - Disco Dancing
5 Cool World - Dream Shake
6 Tonstartssbandht - Electric Dragon Sword
7 Top Girls - Faded Feeling
8 Every - Flood Steps
9 Big Troubles - Georgia
10 Slutever - No Offense
11 G O D - Ohbot
12 Semya - Pattern
13 oOoOO - Pckrfcrmx
14 Rene - Peace Aged
15 Hounds of Hate - Phantasy Re-up
16 Mickey Mickey Rourke - Purple Pee Pee
17 The Teevee Necks - Rememberthetime
18 Run DMT - Richard
19 Balam Acab - See Birds (sun)
20 Buddy Holly Fuck Planes - Sike Baby I Love You
21 Salem - Tair
22 Coors Light - Totally Lance Live
23 Fungi Girls - Turquoise Hotel
24 XO Kid - Unhappy Sex Addict in the Old West
25 Dream Boat - White Want