Walsh - Smoke Weed About It EP

This revivalist 80s synth funk disco DJ fad has brought about a lot of mp3 bullshit, just pure waste of my time and seeking efforts, but what Walsh is making doesn't sound like it belongs to the theme of Police Cops, it sounds like the anthem to a cultural phenomenon TV program that never existed. How the fuck did I miss this? Why didn't anyone tell me about it till now? Its my own fault, this AMDISCS download is free and has been blogged about a million times already since early Sept. This shit crushes out of the pale into the fire. And, I mean, smoking weed about it is the perfect contemporary solution; sit down and relax -- smoke your doob -- and in a civilized manner think about how fucking awesome it is that this shit is from our generation. Or you could just drink loko about it.

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