Dream Boat - Visions & more

Visions is the pubertized amalgamation full-length of Dream Boat's debut Fevers EP. Featuring only a few already well-recognized tracks like Your Beaches/Young & Fine, this release has all new momentous additives that broaden the electronic sphere of approval. Really into the gooey center of this album, but not let down at all by its crust. Depending on mood that can be the best part... especially when it comes to the 13+min walking journey You Left. The digital release heroes AMDISCS have put this one out, and it is also available on iTunes

Video directed by the sleeping beauty Kat Tedesco:

Kissing Collar from Dream Boat on Vimeo.

AND Silk Flowers remixed Rosary


Λ/Dream Boat EP Split - True Love

best get this too y'all. standout audible excellence includes Casts, White Want, OhK Salem remix... very choice and freedom rings on this one

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