Every - Halley Con

these are some of the dopest tracks I have heard in some time. every is the name of my friend Leif Gann-Matzen's beat project. he applies layer after layer of sound; ranging from ambient washes to ear-piercing sonic blasts. The bass is heavy as fuck and the sampling is unbelievably on point. halley con dives deep into sound, exploring just about every noise that could possibly be made with the equipment used to produce it-- extensively satisfying the listener. once you have had your shit kicked open by an improved distorted banger, a soothing ambient trance comes over you assuring your senses that everything will be okay. not downloading this compilation would make you a very foolish person... this is some next level shit. stick around till the end for the cleaner, polished up beats, well worth the 45 minutes of your life.

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