Dream Boat - Assortment

Dream Boat is a project of my friend Sina Sohrab, he's totally google-able (that is why I'm mentioning the last name), and you will not only find his other musical explorations ...Space Caves, Yeah Right, Machu Picchu... but also some press on his art & design work. It is the newest of project of his; vibing on the darker side of the electronic dance spectrum, while conscious of not getting lost in the symbolized trend-frenzy that we are seeing a shit storm of-- granted that is slowing down a little.. "Your Beaches" was featured on AMDiscs & All, Everyone, United's Twilight Sausage Mixtape and my own SUMMERMIX2010.

I really enjoy his take on oOoOO's "NoSummr4u", changing the song's static, sing-a-long flow into a simplified sample that eventually bubbles over itself into a gorgeous noise blast.

D/L the assortment

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