Stress Carrier

DIY label Stress Carrier out of Scranton, PA just sent over a release catalog of sorts. Heres what I pulled from it:

Fulmarine Petrels - Yes No Minutes Seconds

Fulmarine Petrels, who seem to be one of the label's main focuses, are making an infectious array of lo-fi garage pop with an occasionally small dose of southern country (I think I hear some violin -- maybe is just synth). Think of a Thee Oh Sees that perhaps was a bit unsure of its sexuality and experimented once with folk and kinda liked it. Shits catchy as hell and waaaaaay better than the norm of the identical pop-punk bands spewing from the vagina of the Electric City as of late.

Das Black Milk - Lateral Maneuvers

Das Black Milk are on the darker, post-punk side of the lo-fi garage spectrum. They vibe on the likes of Joy Division, Wire, Bauhaus, etc. but bring a little more experimentation into their song writing and "fuck it"-style vocals. Fun stuff. Very poppy.

Both bands recently performed live on WFMU, you can check that out here


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