How To Dress Well + Cokc Dokc - EP assortment

How To Dress Well & Cokc Dokc is a rather peculiar music project whose essence seems to have no distinct place of origin. Blending together a cryptic choral benevolence upon ambient qualities close to that of Many Mansions and Sigur Ros, then adding an overall R&B-style execution to most of their song structures.

Soundscapes? Maybe. The songs are short but to the point, driving so many different directions in sound-making in order to arrive at a fruitful conclusion. There is a very beautiful quality to their aesthetic, but I think the mystery lies mostly in their perspective and thought process on what makes a meaningful melody, self-claiming their own genre to be "lo-fi shai", which is best exemplified by the like in the night how the heart becomes the truth EP-- I have it posted below and could say its my favorite of the 4 they have sent over.

Very prolific, here is the project's own blog

there's more to come, so chill with these for a bit:

Friday Morning Hymnal

Like In the Night How the Heart Becomes the Truth

The Eternal Love EP

Will U Sleep


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