sorry it is REALLY noisey

1.   Cameras - Women
2.   Dead Spex - Melt-Banana
3.   Evil Speakers - Guided By Voices
4.   I Am the Alphabet - Black Moth Super Rainbow
5.   Young Einstein On The Beach -  Man Man
6.   Where Ever the Fuck Arnold Schwarzenegger's From - Foot Village
7.   Damn Those Blood Suckers And Their Good Qualities - Daughters
8.   She's Going Bald -  Beach Boys
9.   Buttertooth - Blacktail
10. Aunties Harp - Flying Lotus
11. One Version of 23 Year-Old Boy - Luck Dragons
12. The Snack Bar - Major Organ and the Adding Machine
13. Be A Hobo - Moondog
14. College - Animal Collective

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  1. i would add group transport hall by women and olsen by boards of canada... but thats just me, who cares what i think

  2. youve got ur own blogg asshole!

  3. Now that i said it you KNOW you wish had added those two!

  4. link is dead, can you re-up? please thank you
    btw - i'm digging the blog