_-:-_***SCENIC VISTA***_-:-_

Okay, so I think it is time I unleash this band to the blogging, interweb world.  I have followed their development from when the lead singer and bassist, Mr. Raphael Cohen, first mocked the Kelis song "Milkshake" a little over a year ago to create the first beloved single out of a voice I do not think he knew really existed (but did come from his body).  From this moment of musical spontaneity birthed an opportunity for Steven Greco (guitar) and long time friend Matt Kelly (drums) to help raise this beautiful music-baby surprise.  Over time a female force, Ms. Emma "Lassooooo" Bayley, joined forces with these natural beauties to help with back-up vocals.  They recorded for about 2-5 hours in a basement with a laptop to produce their first ever EP titled SkycopThrilla.  The best way to describe them is a "fuzzed out Pavement", haha no only joking.  They have an eerie LO-FI similarity to a band I have come to very much like recently called WAVVES, but they bring a little more surfer punk noise and a little less pop.  I have seen them perform a bunch of times, but their most recent show, which was at the Providence venue AS220 this past Fall, rocked the shit out of me (in a good way).  You can find them on myspace (yea, no shit..) at myspace.com/scenicvista.  And I'll hook it up with a few tracks, including a Neutral Milk Hotel cover...



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